Sunday, May 24, 2009

someone asked me.


(a girl) : hey there (as usual, nowadays 'assalamualaikum' is not practically used to say hello, i wonder why). can i ask u something?

me : sure can. shoot. *smile icon*

usasfdbdbn : where did u learn all these photoshop thingys?

*i then replied like i'm the next Einstien*

me : oh miss, theres a very well-known site where dummy people search for infos called 'google'. the name is kind of weird as it may sounds like a cannibal tribe do party and drunk all night but who cares, the dummy people and i still love it. perhaps u could do the same way as we did?

usasfdbdbn : oh, im pretty lazy to search all that stuffs. could u do it for me? then send all the tutorials to me a.s.a.p. i will appreciate it, really. *smile icon*

me : i'm sorry miss. u are very very pretty, indeed and not to forget as hot as Erica Durance aka Lois Lane in Smallville, or maybe some would say u are way hotter than her plus i believe my mind *not including my fragile heart, my soul* would definitely have a big crush on u, but what? do all those things for u? and what do u do? play with your brown-colored earwax while waiting for me? i guess the answer is NO, go do it by yourself with your very own effort.

usasfdbdbn : usasfdbdbn has signed out.

there it goes. this is what we call a normal human being.

5 bising:

Anysz said...

ko mulut mmg sntiase laha ponn muahaha
alah weh, xyah layan org cmtu
pemalas gile

e-zul Iswhat said...

kau patut cakap.

do the BJ first.
(sila fikir)

Miaa N said...

hahah. terbaik. anyway, poor her though.
klu i jd dia, i would have at least, said, "fuck you, fuckface"
just before i signed out lah.

heh. kidding :P

rysoul said...

for at least u should teach her to type into the search space..
dia tak tau tu, probably dia buta IT gila babi..
anyhoo, that kind of girl does that maybe because she's too hot to do all those works so she asked other people to do it..
hahaha.. kesian kau, dan dia juga..

panggil amri saja. said...

or maybe i will consider to do it if she says 'please'. mayb mate maybe.

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