Tuesday, May 26, 2009

takboleh comment?

aku pun tak tahu kenapa. dem

You're Pitiful

My life is brilliant...

What, was I too early? Oh, sorry. Should I...Do you wanna start over? Or, keep going?
Okay, now? Now?

My life is brilliant
Your life's a joke
You're just pathetic
You're always broke

Your homemade Star Trek uniform
really ain't impressin' me
You're sufferin' from delusions of

You're Pitiful (X3) It's true

Never had a date
That ya couldn't inflate
And ya smell repulsive too
What a bummer bein' you

Well ya just can't dance
And forget romance
Everybody you know still calls ya
Farty Pants
But you always have a job well I mean

As long as you still can work that slurpie machine

You're Pitiful (X3) It's true

You're half undressed
Eatin' chips of your chest
While you're playin' Halo 2
No one's classier than you

Lalala la
Lalala la
Lalala la Loser

You're Pitiful (X3) It's true

Your dog would much rather
Play fetch by itself

You still live with your Mom and you're 42

Guess you'll never grow a clue
When it just sucks to be you

harhar, parody ini lagi best daripada lagu asal. anda setuju? kalau tak setuju boleh jalan ke neraka.
sesuai untuk mereka iaitu lelaki-lelaki yang berumur 42 tahun yang masih memakai kostum Star Trek. wtfh
haiss suka sangat download lagu merepek time sekolah dulu.

bai de wey ini link nya.
tak boleh post video suka hati dkt sini. bahaya.

bai de wey lagi, kartun yang mereka buat sangat comel
ok fulsetop.
jap jap bai de wey, kagum dengan kebolehan mereka ubah lirik lagu original.
ok fulsetop.
eh satu lagi, bai de wey aku rasa Ben's Bitches mcm dorang ni jugak.
ok fulsetop.
lah lupa pulak, bai de wey Ben's Bitches tak tiru lagu orang. tarik balik apa yang aku kata tadi.
ok fulsetop.
bai de wey aku rasa aku pun nak buat parody macam ni jugak versi lagu Poker Face jadi Puki Face. HAHA macam mana, boleh tak? ok sensed.
ok fulsetop.
haa bai de wey ughh saiko *hempok pc*

Monday, May 25, 2009

okay terlebih rajin pagi pagi ni.

okay terlebih rajin pagi pagi ni.
update segala coding html dekat sini. warna hijau kuning harus ada utk mengelakkan daripada digelar mat forget dlm kalangan rakan rakan di Kedah.

okay terlebih rajin pagi pagi ni.
main balik fm2009 dari awal season guna team cikai dan kedekut iaitu portsmouth.

okay terlebih rajin pagi pagi ni.
bukak illustrator buat gambar header. habis takda idea lukis gambar mata.

okay terlebih rajin pagi pagi ni.
comment orang yang tengah syok tidur dkt myspace.

okay terlebih rajin pagi pagi ni.

usha blog org.

okay terlebih rajin pagi pagi ni.
post entry mengarut.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

someone asked me.


(a girl) : hey there (as usual, nowadays 'assalamualaikum' is not practically used to say hello, i wonder why). can i ask u something?

me : sure can. shoot. *smile icon*

usasfdbdbn : where did u learn all these photoshop thingys?

*i then replied like i'm the next Einstien*

me : oh miss, theres a very well-known site where dummy people search for infos called 'google'. the name is kind of weird as it may sounds like a cannibal tribe do party and drunk all night but who cares, the dummy people and i still love it. perhaps u could do the same way as we did?

usasfdbdbn : oh, im pretty lazy to search all that stuffs. could u do it for me? then send all the tutorials to me a.s.a.p. i will appreciate it, really. *smile icon*

me : i'm sorry miss. u are very very pretty, indeed and not to forget as hot as Erica Durance aka Lois Lane in Smallville, or maybe some would say u are way hotter than her plus i believe my mind *not including my fragile heart, my soul* would definitely have a big crush on u, but what? do all those things for u? and what do u do? play with your brown-colored earwax while waiting for me? i guess the answer is NO, go do it by yourself with your very own effort.

usasfdbdbn : usasfdbdbn has signed out.

there it goes. this is what we call a normal human being.

Monday, May 11, 2009

remaja zaman sekarang.

remaja zaman sekarang.
hisap rokok pun nak bangga. sampai ada yg ckp, 'loser la kau x hisap rokok'

remaja zaman sekarang.
minum arak pun nak cerita dkt org. bangga sgt.

remaja zaman sekarang.
bila masuk komuniti ja, dh rasa hot. nak kawan dgn org yg tidak berkomuniti pun susah sbb diorang kan hot.

remaja zaman sekarang.
semua xnak mengaku skema. padahal time nak exam tahu pulak nak skema baca buku.

remaja zaman sekarang.
siapa yang bnyk kawan dengan perempuan dikatakan gila perempuan. padahal dalam hp diorang pun bnyk dgn text aweks.

remaja zaman sekarang.
suka berpuak puak. apa salahnya kawan dengan semua orang.

remaja zaman sekarang.
gambar dalam laman web sosial mcm myspace, friendster, facebook nak bagi nampak cleavage (bg perempuan) ja. belanja la smua orang.

remaja zaman sekarang.
nampak orang lain fuck band, nak jugak fuck. punyala poser.

remaja zaman sekarang.
kalau dah anak orang kaya, nampak budak x kaya dress up, ckp 'gila budak kampung dia ni'. padahal time mak bapak dia kecik dulu, diorang pun budak kampung.

remaja zaman sekarang. haisss

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